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~ Astrology ~

  1. Introduction
  2. What is astrology?
  3. What is a Sun Sign?
    1. The Twelve Sun Signs
      1. Aries
      2. Taurus
      3. Gemini
      4. Cancer
      5. Leo
      6. Virgo
      7. Libra
      8. Scorpio
      9. Sagittarius
      10. Capricorn
      11. Aquarius
      12. Pisces

Armillary Sphere by Albrecht DurerSince the dawn of time, humankind has looked to the heavens in an attempt to make sense of life on Earth. Many of the earliest cave paintings depict rudimentary planetary symbols and in the Ancient World, astrology enjoyed great prestige, particularly in Greece, Moslem Persia, Hellenistic Egypt and Chaldea.

Astrology was introduced to Christian Europe via the Arabs during the time of the Crusades. During the Renaissance, Queen Elizabeth I was among the many rulers who employed court astrologers. Elizabeth is said to have relied heavily on their advice during her famous rout of the Spanish Armada.

Until the 17th. century, Astrology was regarded as "applied Astronomy" and astrology and astronomy were in fact the same discipline. Gradually however, the remarkable science of Astrology was set aside and relegated to the status of "occult science". Today however, it retains a reputable status among intellectuals in many parts of the East as well as widespread appeal in the West.


Astrologer by Albrecht DurerAstrology is the study of the movements of the planets and celestial bodies and their corresponding influence on human destiny. Astrologers believe that the movements of the planets have an effect on the events of the world. One of the most common applications of this is the personal horoscope which charts the precise planetary positions at the exact time and place of an individuals birth. It is your own personal map of the heavens!

Your horoscope reveals, among other things, character traits, attitudes, manifest and hidden talents and the way in which you communicate and form relationships with others.

What is my ideal career? What are my strengths and challenges? What will some of the opportunities coming my way be? Is now a good time to begin a new project? Who is my ideal mate?

These are just the beginning to the limitless questions a skillful astrologer can answer so to keep in mind is that astrology writes nothing in stone. It merely points out possibilities and provides choices. The various planetary positions can exert either a positive or negative influence—but astrology enables you to understand the aspects involved and modify your behaviour accordingly.

Astrology is not about limitation. It is about potential!

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Sun from Dodd's WoodcutsOr if you just want to dabble a little bit and already know your sun sign, click on the image of it now. If you don't know your sun sign or want more information about what a sun sign is, click here.


Each year, the earth makes one full rotation around the sun. During this time, the sun transits each of the twelve signs of the zodiac, staying there for one month. The sign that the sun was present in when you were born is known as your "sun sign" or sometimes your "star sign".

The position of the sun at the time of your birth is one of the most important and powerful indicators of personality in your horoscope .


Aries from the Stjernetegn font by Listemageren
(March 21 — April 20)
Cardinal Fire Fire Ruled by Mars Mars Symbolized by The Ram

Keywords: Powerful, Vigourous, Dynamic, Innovative, Brave, Risk- taking

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and as such, he is concerned with initiation and new beginnings. Like a newborn baby, Aries is a bundle of raw energy which finds expression in acts of daring, exploration and discovery.

Aries is often a loner, a maverick who makes his way through life without compromising his ideals, which often aren't those of the mainstream but Aries doesn't care—he refuses to change who he is in order to court popularity.

Aries often does well in the world of business as he is a natural entrepreneur. Assertiveness, risk-taking, achievement of goals and competition are an inherent part of Aries personality. His competitive nature can also lead him to be jealous of the achievements of others. Aries often lives for physical competition and make excellent athletes. Aries is fired by taking risks and many of them get into dangerous sports such as sky-diving and others become inveterate gamblers. Those Aries not athletically inclined are often dedicated to intellectual enlightenment and enjoy a good argument—a chance to show off their intelligence and debating skills.

Aries is a cardinal fire sign, which makes him the most dynamic of the fire signs. He is a leader and liable to initiate the action. In situations where he cannot be the leader and is asked to be a team-player, Aries feels uncomfortable and often doesn't do very well. Aries wants to be number one and he doesn't like being told what to do.

Ruled by Mars, the planet named for the Roman god of war, Aries can have a bad temper. But he is quick to forgive and will do practically anything for those he loves.

Being a cardinal sign, Aries is persistent. He will continue to strive toward achieving something he believes in even when everyone around him has given up.

In love, Aries is an idealist. Fidelity is important to him. One of Aries most striking traits is his intense loyalty and devotion and he would defend his loved one to the death.


Taurus from the Stjernetegn font by Listemageren
(April 21 — May 21)
Fixed Earth Earth Ruled by Venus Venus Symbolized by The Bull

Keywords: Steady, Pragmatic, Conservative, Persistent, Determined

Taurus is one of the most practical signs of the zodiac. An earth sign, she is very much involved in the here and now and when confronted with the airy-fairy schemes of less-grounded types, Taurus is quick to get to the bottom line. Taurus can be cautious and likes to create a secure framework within which to achieve her goals.

Taurus doesn't mind hard work. She puts her all into just about everything she does. Even if the job is unpleasant, Taurus is tenacious. She will roll up her sleeves, get her hands dirty and stick with it until the bitter end. Taurus has a great ability to persevere.

Taurus is open and honest, straightforward and decent. She can be choosy in picking friends and expects them to be as free of affectation and bullshit as she is and as good a friend. And no friend could be as good and loyal as Taurus. Taurus is an all- weather friend—she will be there for you in good times and bad.

Taurus can be quite materialistic. She instinctively finds emotional stability in material security. Occasionally, she can even be a bit grasping, a tendency she has to watch out for. She loves luxury and has a great appetite for the good life. Ruled by Venus, the planet associated with beauty, Taurus often has highly developed artistic and musical taste. She has a great appreciation for beauty. Taureans who have the money, often become art collectors or patrons of the theatre or opera.

In love, as in friendship, Taurus is very faithful. She is surprisingly romantic given her no-nonsense attitudes in other areas of life. But really, it should be no surprise, as Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Her ruling planet Venus and her element earth, combine to create a slow, earthy sensuality in Taurus.

The fixed nature of her sign has the tendency to make Taurus a touch dogmatic and stubborn. The flip side to this is her tremendous power to endure the hard times life throw in her path. Yes, the Gods have bestowed upon the Bull unyielding strength. Taurus can overcome anything!



Gemini from the Stjernetegn font by Listemageren
(May 22 — June 22)
Mutable Air Air Ruled by Mercury Mercury Symbolized by The Twins

Keywords: Versatile, intelligent, quick, communicative

Gemini is among the most quick-witted and intelligent of the signs of the zodiac as he would be the first to admit! He has an agile brain and can display great insight although he is rarely as profound as he believes himself to be—which doesn't mean he isn't profound, just that Gemini tends to have an enormously high opinion of the value and importance of his own ideas.

Gemini is in his element in the world of ideas and Geminis often pursue a higher education. He has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. He is ruled by the Mercury, the planet named by the Romans for the Winged Messenger of the Gods (who the Greeks called Hermes) and this makes him a natural communicator. Geminis often make excellent teachers and public speakers. He enjoys a lively debate. It is his chance to show off his mental and verbal acuity and exchange ideas and opinions with others. If you get into a debate or discussion with a Gemini, be warned, he is apt to get impatient with those who don't think and/or articulate their thoughts as quickly as he.

Gemini has a huge appetite for new and different experiences. His motto is "Try Everything Once" and he is often drawn to the exotic and unusual. The flip side of this insatiable appetite for all that is new and different is that Gemini gets bored quickly and is lacking in staying power. Aptly since he is represented by the twins, Gemini can be particularly prone to living double lives. The life of a Gemini is rarely and open book.

Gemini is gifted with a great imagination. Geminis often become artists and writers as creativity is their forte. They are frequently musically talented (Hermes or Mercury began his career by inventing the lyre) and have highly developed musical and artistic sensibilities.

In love Gemini has difficulty giving their full attention to the loved one for any extensive period of time. Gemini is liable to fall madly, passionately in love at the drop of a hat, declaring "Finally, this is THE ONE!" only to discover a short while later that no, this wasn't the one after all as they fall just as quickly out of love.

Try not to blame Gemini though. He doesn't mean any harm by it, that's just his nature. And certainly, anyone involved with a Gemini will rarely be bored!


Cancer from the Stjernetegn font by Listemageren
(June 23 — July 23)
Cardinal Water Water Ruled by The Moon Moon Symbolized by The Crab

Keywords: Sensitive, Moody, Loving, Home-oriented

Cancer is probably the most sensitive sign in the zodiac. She has a soft heart and is highly emotionally vulnerable. Perhaps that is why if you don't know her well, you might perceive Cancer as emotionally cold. In fact, she is anything but. The crab shell, Cancer's symbol, represents the armour with which she seeks to hide her extreme sensitivity and shyness as well as protect against exposing herself emotionally because of her almost excessive empathy. Cancers often seek to shield themselves from hurt by withdrawing from the world and keeping to themselves. But a Cancer can never feel truly happy and complete until they have a life's partner. They also love children. Cancer's need for a homelife is one of her most powerful motivating forces. Cancers make excellent parents—loving, devoted and nurturing, though they must guard against a strong tendency to be overprotective and smother their children with love.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and since each month the moon makes a rapid progress through each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, Cancer is prone to changeable emotions and moods. Because of that inconstant Moon, Cancer can be sweet and friendly one moment, withdrawn, grumpy and melancholy the next. Cancer can also vacillate in her opinions saying one thing on Monday and the exact opposite on Tuesday. The Moon is also associated with the function of memory and Cancer is gifted in this department. Along the same lines, she also takes a great interest in the past—in history, in particular, her own ancestors. Many Cancers eventually research their family tree. Cancer may also have a collection of antiques. Unfortunately, this connection to the past that the moon brings makes it difficult for Cancer to forget old wounds and insults. A Cancer will never forget a wrong committed against them and have a tendency to brood about them many years after the fact.

Cancer is the most home-oriented of the signs of the Zodiac. Her home offers her the security she craves. She is at her most relaxed and happy there and can often be found puttering about doing some sort of home improvement job. Many Cancers make excellent handymen, gardeners and cooks.

Because Cancer can be a shy homebody, some might underestimate her. Anyone who does so, does so at their peril for Cancer is a Cardinal sign which implies force. Her element is water and water combined with force is a powerful body.

In love, Cancer is a romantic. She truly believes in love. But because of her basic insecurity she demands a great deal of the loved one. But her demands are well worth satisfying because if she feels secure in a love relationship, Cancer's love is warm, bountiful, intensely loyal and deep as the sea.


Leo from the Stjernetegn font by Listemageren
(July 24 — August 23)
Fixed Fire Fire Ruled by The Sun Sun Symbolized by The Lion

Keywords: Proud, Dignified, Assertive, Charismatic, Dominant

Just as the Sun, Leo's ruler, is the centre of the galaxy, so Leo must be at the centre of his particular galaxy. He expects others to orbit around him and because of his powerful charisma, which can be likened to the brilliant, life-giving rays of the Sun, they very often do.

Leo is by no means modest but then he has little reason to be. He's extremely bright and talented and most often, can deliver the goods, so he's earned the right to swagger a little. The Lion is an immensely proud fellow and with good reason: He's generous, fun- loving, honest, warm, witty and creative. He has an unequalled love and enjoyment of life and is alot of fun to be around. He is a natural leader just as his symbol The Lion, is the King of the Beasts.

But Leo's commanding nature can also be his downfall as in order to be happy and fulfilled, he must be King. He can be terribly bossy! He almost never admits that he might be in the wrong and because of the fixed nature of his sign, he is prone to be stubborn and unyielding.

Leo is usually highly successful in whatever field of endeavour they pursue because of the energy of their element (fire) and the fixed nature of their sign which lends them stamina. These qualities in combination mean Leo is capable of doing just about anything he sets his mind to and he expects lots of praise for doing so. At the heart of this desire for praise lies Leo's doubts about his own value. If he doesn't receive the credit he feels he is due, his childlike heart is deeply wounded. He craves adulation and applause and many Leos pursue careers in the performing arts.

In love, Leo is deeply affectionate, devoted and loyal. They are surprisingly sentimental and make their loved one feel utterly cherished. He does have a tendency towards jealousy and possessiveness but most partners will find this is a small price to pay for being the consort of the regal, magnificent Lion!


Virgo from the Stjernetegn font by Listemageren
(August 24 — September 23)
Mutable Earth Earth Ruled by Mercury Mercury Symbolized by The Virgin

Keywords: Practical, Meticulous, Perfectionistic, Hard-Working.

Virgo is a perfectionist with the highest standards of cleanliness, manners, efficiency, hard work and ethics. Because of her exacting standards, Virgo often suffers disappointment because there are very few who can live up to the level of perfection she demands. And she doesn't demand it merely of others but also of herself—she can be a harsh self-critic. Virgo must guard against a tendency to be fussy and overly critical and demanding of themselves as well as of others.

Virgo is an earth sign which lends her great practicality and the mutable mode of her sign adds adaptability to her many virtues.

Virgo has a strongly imbued work ethic. She makes an efficient, responsible employee. She can always be relied upon to get even the most mundane job done and to do it well and thoroughly. Virgo brings this same meticulous self-discipline into the domestic sphere. Their homes are almost always as pristine as dollhouses and woe betide anyone who should make it untidy! Virgo equates mess with chaos and gain a sense of emotional security through imposing order on their environment.

Virgo is a highly domesticated creature and makes a good cook and gardener. She is also a shrewd manager of the household finances. Virgo isn't the type to laze around doing nothing during her time off. She always feels best when she is doing something, being useful. For this reason, many Virgos devote their leisure time to making crafts or doing volunteer work. Of all the signs of the Zodiac, Virgo feels her duty to serve others most keenly.

In love, Virgo can be a bit of a paradox. She is a combination of her element Earth which brings a strong lusty sensuality and her symbol The Virgin which is at odds with that lustiness and often imparts a fastidious, almost schoolmarmish sense of propriety to Virgo. She is also ruled by Mercury, a planet associated with intellect. This means her earthy desires are restrained by a cool dose of reason. This is not to say she is emotionally or sexually cold. She is merely extremely discerning in this as in all areas of her life and will not run headlong into an unwise affair. Virgo has faith in love and will wait for the right person to come along. When they do, Virgo makes a sincere, supportive and dependable lover who will reveal to that one special, lucky person, hidden depths of passion.


Libra from the Stjernetegn font by Listemageren
(September 24 — October 23)
Cardinal Air Air Ruled by Venus Venus Symbolized by The Scales

Keywords: Harmony-loving, Charming, Indecisive, Diplomatic.

Libra is the gracious diplomat of the Zodiac. He is ruled by Venus whose harmonizing influence cause him to cherish peace and concord. He can't bear to be surrounded by unhappiness and conflict and will avoid them at all costs. If, despite his best efforts, conflict enters his sphere, he will do his best to mend fences and achieve reconciliation. Libra's symbol is The Celestial Scales and this causes the typical Libra to have a natural instinct for justice and fair play. Libra strives for balance in all things. This sometimes has the unfortunate effect of making Libra indecisive. He dislikes having to make decisions and often lets others make them for him. When forced to make even small decisions, he will often take a long time to make them, his opinion swaying one way, then the other, carefully reflecting and assessing every pro and con before finally arriving at a balanced conclusion. This can be irritating to more decisive, opinionated types. Sometimes Libra tries to arrange his life in order to bypass decisions altogether, to avoid them if at all possible!

Libra is very concerned with what others think of them. Their desire to be liked and approved of is very strong so it is fortunate that Libra's natural charm, good manners and affable personalities ensure that they are generally well-liked. Sometimes Libras, in an effort to be agreeable, say yes when they would sooner say no and end up feeling the unfairness of being taken advantage of.

Libra is ruled by Venus so it follows that much of the force and impetus implied by the Cardinal mode of Libra's sign is devoted to giving and receiving love, particularly romantic love. Venus has given them the gift of physical beauty and they hold alot of appeal for the opposite sex. Venus also affects Libra by giving him a heightened sense of beauty and proportion. Perhaps this is why so many Libras pursue careers in fashion and interior design or are drawn to the arts as visual or performing artists. Looking good is also important to Libra and he spends alot of time and effort not only on his physical appearance but on the appearance of their homes which are invariably lovely and well-appointed havens of tranquillity. Libra's good-natured disposition makes him a wonderful spouse and parent. Their homelife is almost always happy and peaceful. Harmony-loving Libra wouldn't have it any other way!


Scorpio from the Stjernetegn font by Listemageren
(October 24 — November 22)
Fixed Water Water Ruled by Mars Mars and Pluto PlutoSymbolized by The Scorpion

Keywords: Intense, Brave, Sexy, Unforgiving.

Scorpio is a force to be reckoned with. The water of her sign runs deep—there is nothing shallow or frivolous about Scorpio. Ruled by Pluto, a planet associated with depth and intensity, she loves with passionate abandon and hates with bitter venom. If Scorpio is your friend, treat her well and she is your friend for life, through thick and thin. Wrong her at your peril: Not for nothing is the Scorpion her symbol—the eighth sign of the Zodiac has a deadly sting. Scorpio has a long memory. She won't forget an act of kindness but neither will she forget a slight or injury. And the fixed mode of her sign gives her stamina. She will plot her revenge and then wait as long as it takes to exact her pound of flesh. Scorpio often views life as a battlefield. Seething Plutonian bitterness can be internalized for years but Scorpio should fight against her tendency to a too long memory and learn to let go because the Scorpion's venom, held inside, can poison even herself, creating deep unhappiness and souring her on life. No other sign of the Zodiac possesses such tremendous regenerative power—for another symbol of Scorpio is the Phoenix, the mythological bird who burnt itself on a funeral pyre then rose from the ashes to live again.

Scorpio is drawn to extremes. She is an all or nothing sort of person. She has a force of will unequalled by any of the other signs of the Zodiac and is extremely purposeful. Those who dislike emotional excess should not get close to her because Scorpio wrote the book on the subject although if you don't know her well, you may not realize the intensity of her emotions because Scorpio is never an open book. Rather, she is a keeper of secrets and there is a private hidden part of her that she will share with no one.

A negative aspect of Scorpio's tendency to be drawn to extremes is that they often embrace excess in food, drugs, alcohol and sex. Some Scorpios feel compelled to experiment with the dark, hidden side of life. Those that don't will go tho the other extreme denouncing hedonism and dissipation. Scorpio does nothing by halves.

Mars, Scorpio's co-ruler, fires her with an awe-inspiring strength of purpose and bravery. This, coupled with the fixed mode of her sign, means Scorpio can move mountains if she wants to. Her desire to generate change often leads Scorpio into political activism.

Scorpio holds a fascination for the opposite sex. Perhaps it has something to do with those mesmerizing Scorpio eyes that seem to gaze into your very soul. Or perhaps it is the passionate, explosive power of Pluto that promises that love with a Scorpio will be an intense experience that will not leave you unchanged. But be warned: Scorpio is extremely possessive and jealous. The flip side of this is her extreme (there's that word again!) and unswerving loyalty and devotion.

Scorpio never makes a neutral impression. She is either loved or hate. But she is never ignored.


Sagittarius from the Stjernetegn font by Listemageren
(November 23 — December 22)
Mutable Fire fire Ruled by Jupiter Jupiter Symbolized by The Archer

Keywords: Freedom-Loving, Optimistic, Restless, Irresponsible, Fun-loving.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet, which gives Sag an expansive nature. Jupiter fuels Sagittarius with a compelling desire to broaden his horizons, to seek out and explore different worlds, both mentally and physically. The freedom of the open road holds an irresistible allure for Sagittarius and they invariably love travel and adventure. Oftentimes, Sagittarius will become an expatriate or marry someone from a different country.

Sagittarius also lives to explore the world of the mind. He seeks wisdom and knowledge for its own sake not so that he can lord it over others and impress them with the extent of his knowledge. Sagittarius is often drawn to the study of philosophy, literature or history. Sagittarius is a fire sign which makes him communicative, creative and highly original. This combined with a quality of exaggeration provided by Jupiter makes them great storytellers and Sagittarius frequently becomes a writer of fiction. The more extroverted ones might pursue careers in acting.

The mode of his sign is mutable which has the unfortunate tendency of making Sagittarius rather irresponsible. He refuses to accept the seriousness of life. They don't like to weigh themselves down with mundane matters such as, oh, paying the bills and often they have a list of disgruntled creditors a mile long. Very few Sagittarians know the value of a dollar. The expansiveness of Jupiter makes them spend money they can ill-afford to part with. They are luxury lovers and in his spare time Sagittarius loves nothing better than wining, dining, shopping and of course, travelling. As a result, Sagittarius' credit cards are usually maxed out!

A positive corollary to this is that the beneficient nature of Jupiter makes Sagittarius the most generous of the signs of the Zodiac. If you are in dire need, the typical Sag will lend you money in a flash, even if he's up against it himself financially. Oftentimes, he wont even ask that you repay it.

Symbolized by The Centaur, half man, half beast, it is apt that most Sagittarians have a tremendous bond with animals. Many of them will often be found riding their horse, walking their dog or cuddling their cat.

Sagittarius approaches romantic relationships in the same way they approach much else in their lives—with reckless abandon. They are in love with the idea of love itself but when it comes to a long- term commitment, they can be a trifle hard to catch. If Sag's lover makes the mistake of getting too possessive or making too many demands, Sagittarius will be off like a shower of sparks. They have wings on their heels and are prone to wanderlust. You can rarely be sure Sagittarius will be around for the long-term but while he is, love, just like everything else with this gypsy of the Zodiac, will be a great adventure.


Capricorn from the Stjernetegn font by Listemageren
(December 23 — January 19)
Cardinal Earth Earth Ruled by Saturn Saturn Symbolized by The Goat

The 10th sign of the Zodiac, Capricorn, knows what she wants and will do whatever she can to achieve the recognition she longs for. Like The Goat, her symbol, Capricorn is a climber, moving determinedly, surely and steadily, up the mountainside until she reaches its highest height. One of Capricorn's strongest motivations is the desire for achievement and status. Because Capricorn works tirelessly and determinedly, always on the look out for anything she can do or learn that will improve herself or advance her position, she nearly always achieves the pinnacle of success. Often that success comes to Capricorn later than she hoped it would because of the influence of Saturn, Capricorn's ruling planet, which exerts a delaying force. Many Capricorns realize their greatest aspirations later in life. This is not to say that Capricorn will not be quite successful in her youth, merely that her ambitions are boundless. Though to the average observer, Capricorn may seem extremely successful, Capricorn is a perfectionist who always wants more. Her forceful Cardinality drives her from one amazing accomplishment to the next. No sooner has she achieved a goal than she is aiming for something bigger and better!

A Cardinal Earth sign, Capricorn is practical and surefooted. Her approach to life is cautious, pragmatic and realistic. She is driven to make use of all the opportunities and resources at her disposal. She may dream big but unlike other less determined types who dream up pie in the sky schemes that come to naught, Capricorn will have that pie and eat it too because her head isn't in the clouds, it's rooted firmly in the earthly plane, just as his feet are rooted firmly to the ground. And for that reason, Capricorn rarely stumbles.

Powered by her Cardinality, grounded by the eminent practicality of her Earth element, Capricorn is a survivor with an awesome potential for endurance. Capricorn's will is so strong that she can survive and conquer just about any obstacle life throws in her path and she will do it with apparent good-humour. However, Capricorn is often not as good humoured and emotionally steady as she appears to be. She has a darker side being subject because of Saturn's influence to pessimism and bouts of black depression that can be quite long-lasting. She also doesn't like to be laughed at. She can laugh at others (Capricorn's sense of humour is also often a touch on the black, sarcastic side) but she dislikes it intensely when she is the butt of a joke. If you are friends with a Capricorn, you should be conscious of this and be careful not to tease her too much.

In love, Capricorn is usually as sensible as she is in all other areas of her life. She often becomes involved with people who are highly successful in their chosen fields. This isn't to say Capricorn is mercenary. It's just that for Capricorn, success is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Capricorn also has a surprisingly romantic side to her nature. One of her greatest goals is the attainment of a life's partner but the restraint Saturn exerts over Capricorn's nature means that she will not fall in love or commit herself at the drop of a hat. When she does choose, her partner is liable to be a cut above the mates of her friends and associates and she will find great happiness and contentment in family life. One of Capricorn's most admirable traits is her fierce and unswerving loyalty to her family.


Aquarius from the Stjernetegn font by Listemageren
(January 20 — February 19)
Fixed Air Air Ruled by Uranus Uranus Symbolized by The Water Bearer

Keywords: Offbeat, Original, Dynamic, Creative, Independent.

Aquarius, the 11th sign of the Zodiac, is ruled by Uranus, the planet associated with the unorthodox, the electric, the original and the unexpected. It is not surprising, then, that Aquarius invariably marches to the beat of a different drummer. Aquarius is a nonconformist who has an unbridled appetite for adventure and a fascination for all that is new and different.

Aquarius, as an Air sign, is connected with thought processes and the exchange of ideas. The typical Aquarius has awesome intellectual powers and communication skills. They are also very social and take a great interest in other people. Aquarius can often be found engaging in lively discussions about ideas. Aquarius's symbol is the water bearer and this can be seen as a metaphor for his bearing or communicating his thoughts to the world. Aquarius's thoughts are rarely those of the mainstream. They tend to be unorthodox and even ahead of their time. Because of this, Aquarius can be regarded as a bit of an eccentric by more grounded types.

At heart, Aquarius is a rebel. He refuses to blindly obey "the rules" and does so only when his questioning mind ascertains that the rules in question are sensible and just. If not, Aquarius will set out to initiate change. He is a progressive thinker, a visionary with more than a smattering of revolution in his soul. Aquarius deals in broad concepts and has a deep and abiding interest in improving the lot of humanity. To this end, Aquarius often applies his unique talents to the fields of social and political reform.

Aquarius craves freedom: Freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of movement. Aquarius loves travel. Even if it's only a fun day or weekend trip, the ability to move about unfettered is as precious to him as Sun is to a flower. Without it, Aquarius's spirit would wither and die.

If Aquarius is your friend, you will never be bored. Uranus is associated with electricity and Aquarius has a quality of electric dynamism to his personality that is invariably fun and exciting to be around which is why Aquarius has the ability to attract many friends from a wide variety of backgrounds. Oftentimes, the only thing Aquarius's friends have in common is that they are a little (or maybe even alot!) on the strange and eccentric side because Aquarius is attracted to and values oddity.

Despite Aquarius's tendency to be a trifle self-absorbed, he has a sympathetic, kind and generous heart and is happy to listen to his friend's troubles and eager to offer advice. Be warned: Aquarius expects you to take the advice they offer. The fixed mode of their sign has the rather unfortunate effect of making them fixed in their opinions and sometimes quite stubborn and dogmatic. Once Aquarius has set his mind on something, you will seldom be able to change his opinion. One of the lessons Aquarius must learn is to - listen.

Aquarius holds great appeal for the opposite sex. It is their open, friendly, engaging manners and the dynamic energy of Uranus that surrounds them. As lovers, Aquarius also has that electric quality. He is inventive and creative with a passion for variety. Aquarius can be restless and unstable in relationships because he's always looking for something novel and exciting. In order for him to be happy in a love relationship, Aquarius must have control over it. His partner must understand his need for space. Not for Aquarius a clinging, emotionally intense or needy lover. Anybody who tries to muzzle Aquarius's independent spirit will quickly be left behind. Aquarius can leave relationships behind with ease and barely a backward glance as he moves blithely into the future, the winds of change at his back.


Pisces from the Stjernetegn font by Listemageren
(February 20 — March 20)
Mutable Water Water Ruled by Neptune Neptune Symbolized by The Fish

Keywords: Compassionate, Selfless, Unrealistic, Imaginative.

Pisces is the 12th. and final sign of the Zodiac so it is therefore apt that many Pisces are concerned with enlightenment and culmination of the spiritual journey. Pisces are soulful people to whom the inner life is of paramount importance.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and imagination, of mystery and unreality. Their mode of interacting with the world is through feeling and intuition and many Pisces have heightened receptivity to psychic phenomena. For Pisces, the boundary between the manifest and unmanifest worlds, between tangible and intangible forces is particularly thin and easily penetrated. Perhaps this is why they are such creative people who often make astonishingly talented artists, musicians, writers and poets.

Pisces also has great empathy and often feel the pain of others almost as keenly as if it were their own. Pisces are selfless people in the extreme. Without a second thought, Pisces will sacrifice that which is important to her in order to make another person happy, to fulfill another's needs. Another effect of Neptune on Pisces is to cause her to see the best in everyone, to idealize, and often she lacks discrimination. Pisces tends to see the world through rose-coloured glasses. She has such a sweet, giving, noble spirit that she often cannot conceive of baseness or treachery in anybody else. This means Pisces can easily be deceived and taken advantage of by the unscrupulous. She must learn to temper her generous, altruistic nature with a sense of discrimination to avoid being used and exploited. When somebody does take advantage of Pisces, when the ideal world she has constructed in her mind crumbles, she becomes terribly disillusioned and depressed. She may even feel the allure of self-destructive behaviour such as substance abuse, reckless and compulsive sexual behaviour or withdrawal from the world entirely in favour of her own illusory world where everything is perfect.

Pisces is a Water sign, which accounts for her extremely sensitive emotional nature. Pisces is as deep as the ocean and twice as murky. Water is the element which corresponds with the function of feeling and emotion. Combine this with the mutable nature of Pisces mode and you have a metaphor for changeable moods and Pisces' moods and emotions fluctuate many times a day.

In love, Pisces is deeply romantic with a tendency to be very emotionally dependant on her partner. Her ideal mate is someone who can understand Pisces dreamy impracticality and appreciate being the object of almost worshipful devotion and love as they drift with Pisces down the lovely, lazy River of Life.