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~ Crystal-wise ~

    Crystal have been around for thousand of years, either hidden in a mine, the earth, or passed down from generation to generation. While many have gone though many transformations, other have been able to retain their pristine form. I’ve already mentioned time and time again that crystals can absorb or transmit energy; they also can hold knowledge and pass it on to those who are ready to hear it. Not only do they want to share they abilities to work with energy, they also want to share their wisdom with us as well.

    You can gain insight, wisdom and visisons by sitting with your crystal, placing it on your forehead/Third eye can be especially effective in hearing what information the crystal wishes to pass on to you. They can help link you to the depths of your inner being or they can take you far beyond this plain of existence to gain knowledge and wisdom from other sources. Here are some crystals and gemstones that you can use to gain visions, insight and wisdom.


    Peridot is a pure gemstone of great clarity. Also known as olivine, the peridot has an oily luster and gets its coloration from iron. This gemstone is a mix of yellow buffered with blue, creating a light green. People of ancient Egypt and the Mediterranean area got their peridot from the Jazirat Zabugat in the Red Sea. It was a scared and prized gemstone. The name in Arabic means “precious stone.” At one time, peridot was more valuable than diamonds. During the middle ages, this stone was worn to gain foresight, inspiration, and eloquence. The peridot was often used in religious jewelry. Peridot aids in understanding destiny and the purpose of existence. It can help put you in touch with the ultimate truth.

Snow Quartz

    Snow Quartz (Also know as “milky quartz”) is a cloudy, white form of quartz that is found in the U.S., Brazil, Alaska, and Mexico. The appearance of this stone is caused by trapped inclusions of gases, air, and water that make it opaque, cloudy, and snow-like. Snow Quartz aids in retrieving wisdom that is buried deep within yourself. It can be used to gain clear insights and free the user of cynicism. By placing it on your crown chakra, this crystal can help with development of the psychic abilities and help provide fresh, clear insights. This crystal has come in handy for me when I needed to figure out why I am/was acting in a negative manor. Sometime there are thinks in our past or unconscious that make us act or feel they way we do when we do not have a clear understanding of why we are acting or feeling that way.

Herkimer Diamond

    Herkimer Diamonds are miniature double terminated quartz crystals. These small crystals were first discovered in Herkimer County, New York. Other deposits are located in Mexico, Spain and Tanzania. Unlike other quartz crystal, they do not form by growing out of rock or inside a cavity, but will form while floating freely in soft clay. This crystal has an in-built store of ecological knowledge and can help facilitate recalling your own past lives.

Quartz Crystal

    If you kept up with past articles, I’m sure that you have seen Quartz crystals a number of times in past articles, this crystal has many uses, even for wisdom. One particular type of quartz crystal is a best use for wisdom and insight is the “Record keeper.” The Record keeper/Recorder crystal will have a geometric symbol (usually a triangle) naturally etched into one or more of its sides or point-facets. These symbols are visible under strong light or sometimes you can feel the pattern of these symbols when you run your finger over the sides of the crystal. Record keepers hold the imprint of all that has gone before and are portals for spiritual wisdom. Rumors state that the information in the Recordkeeper crystal can only be accessed when you match your energy level with that of the crystal. When the triangle is placed on the third eye, you can mediate with this crystal to access the personal or collective past or re-attune to your own wisdom, and the facilitate insights for evolution. Care and respect are needed when you work with these crystals.

Purple Amethyst

    Amethyst is a powerful mental healer that has the ability to sooth the nervous system, aids in neural transmission, focuses realistic goals, and boosts memory. Amethyst is a major player for healers. Even though amethyst is mostly associated with the Brow/6th chakra, it also has the abilities to calm mental disorders, purify the blood, boost memory, find realistic goals, strengthens the immune system, help with insomnia, and balances and heals all Chakras. Amethyst will help reduce the mental burdens and allow you to focus on realistic goals. This crystal is great for insight on matters that may leave you confused and feeling blocked where you cannot proceed until you have more information. I work for a typical corporation where everything is political, and with that comes not getting the full details on needed or useful information. Frustration at it’s best if you care to do well in your field or if you care about your field of work. Amethyst has helped me gain insight on situations where information was lacking. This is one of the most useful crystals that I have found for my day-to-day life.


    Emerald is a variety of beryl colored by chromium whose crystals are hexagonal in shape. Rarely found as clean crystals, most emeralds are heavily flawed with inclusions. These inclusions act as fingerprints, which can help you to find the difference between natural and laboratory emeralds. The transparent light green emeralds can aid in meditation, aligning physical, mental and emotional bodies. It will bring wisdom from the mental plane, which can be passed to others.


    Fluorite comes in many colors. The largest fluorite crystal have been found in the United States, while expensive pink ones have been found in the Alps in Switzerland. Purple and yellow-banded fluorite crystals (also know as “Blue Johns”) have been found in England. Fluorite is useful in helping you to attain a higher level of reality, as it will anchor the energies into the everyday world. Colorless fluorite will link the physical realm to the spiritual realm by opening up your crown chakra. I wouldn’t recommend wearing fluorite on a regular basis. Constantly leaving your crown chakra can open you up to energies that you are not ready or prepared to receive.


    When one hears of Sapphire, they tend to think of the deep blue sapphires that are sold in stores. But Sapphires can come in many different colors. Sapphire can vary in colors of blue that range from cornflower to deep midnight blue (which is almost black). Other colors are white, green, violet, yellow, brown, orange and pink. A Padparadscha /Orange Sapphire can aid in gaining perspective and knowledge. This type of Sapphire is excellent for careers in such fields as libraries, writing, and teaching.

    The world is constantly changing where partial information and situations are coming to us from the left and right. Using crystals to gain insight on these situations and random information can help us sort out all the garbage information to see the meaning of it all. Some crystals can help you see situations can occur in the future, while others will show you what’s in the past. You can gain some real insight when you combine the information from the past, with the information of the present and the possibilities of the future.

Posted in in May 2007 by Chronos