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~ Disclaimer ~

     There seems to be a misconception between stealing and referencing material. If one was to copy an entire book and post it on the web that is stealing. If one takes a part of a book or article and claimed it as my own, that is stealing. If one where to do either or listed above and re-sell it for profit, that is stealing. But if one was to take a part of a book or article that reference that material back to the original author, that is not stealing. is referencing a lot of material from other authors but that material is tied back to the author(s) as much as possible. It is recommended that those authors reader check out that author and their book for more information. Even though they are excerpts for the book, it is not the entire book, it is just enough to know a little more and enough to help encourage the readers to check out that book. It's free advertising for the author and we try to stay in the guidelines of the "Fair Use" Act.

     There are no advertisements over the page nor am I charging for the information, there is no profit from the site being made.

     If an author is does see their work on the site, and wishes for the content to be removed, we will respect their wished. If there was content that was not referencing the author, the author is free to claim it, and we will mark it as such. goal is to help other learn more about Tradition Witchcraft and also to distinguish between Tradition Witchcraft and Wicca. The learning materials on this site were information that was gathered from other resources (books, web, classes, and personal experiences) to not only enlighten the reader but also to guide the reader to that author, institution and/or person.

     Some people may argue about this site lacking “originality” in the content. But when you are trying to pass long information about a Tradition that is thousands of years old, how would it be original? Unless I was attempting to create a new form of Wicca, but that is not the case, nor the goal of this website.

    There are very, very few articles that are written by Chronos on this site, even then that information is free for people to do as they wish. All the other material is to help other pagan authors and site owners. This site was not created to make a profit nor will it attempt to do so in the future or for as long as the site lives.

May the Winds be with you,

"Fair Use" reference: