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~ Importance of Meditation ~

    Why meditate? I want to learn things about paganism not Buddhist things! Ok, some people think of Buddhism when meditation is mentioned, it is mostly publishised as such. However, meditation is practiced by every known religion even in Christianity, but they call it “praying.” Many people have meditated for spiritual communication, personal fulfillment, as a form of worship, to relax or relieve stress. So learning how to properly meditate in paganism, witchcraft or wicca is important and will help with your rituals and magical workings.

    Meditation is an altered state of conciousness achieved through controlled breathing and visualization. Visualization is extremely important in magical workings, meditation helps clears the mind to allow your visualistation achieve it’s full potential. Meditiation helps the physical conscious mind connect with a higher or divine consciousness that we all have within outselves. Through practice and dedication, bridging this gap between our physical and divine selves can open the doors to new spiritual knowledge that has always existed.

    It takes time an a lot of work, but it’s well worth it, not only for the path that you have choosen but for your normal day to day life. If you meditated on a daily basis you might notice that you are a little calmer, relaxed, and somethings may become clearer then they once where. It can help you to handle those unexpected problems/events and allow you to think clearly about the situation which can help you find a solution.

    As far as your spiritual path is concerned, you may begin to notice an increased interest in your choosen path. Even a degree of self-discovery may occur, which may give you the feeling of needing to improve your attitudes or outlook on life. You may notice an efficiency in your spells, rituals or any other magical workings that you may be doing.

    I myself work in the Information Technology field where my creative mind and analytical mind need to come together at times. When I started meditating on a regular basis since 1999, things started to become very clear when a problem occurred, it allowed me to quickly find issues that were occuring and their solutions. It also helped clear my mind to allow my creative mind aid in creating new applications, web sites, or solutions to complex problems. On my spiritual path, the efficiency in my spells and rituals have increase along with healing and protection techniques.

    As I said earlier, it will take a lot of time and work, but it is well worth it. When you are first starting out it will take time to clear your mind and do a successful meditiation. The more you do it, the less time it will take until you get to a point where you are able to switch between a busy mind to a clear one almost instantly. And this is a point where you want to get to. Remember meditation is something you can pretty much do almost anywhere. Of course when you first start off you will need a quite place to help clear your mind, after awhile you can start testing out how to do it with a little extra noise, until you are to the point where you can get to that state in a lot of noise and distraction.

Written by Chronos 2007, No Copyright, No Worries, Copy at will if you wish!