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~ Traditional Tools of WitchCraft ~

     There are a couple of tools of WitchCraft that is used for the main purposes of purification, consecration, general magic, ritual and utilitarian uses as well. Different traditions use a specific set of tools, one of the most commonly used is the blade.

     These tools help perform a function and are not just for show. Use your knife for cutting, your cups to drink and your cauldron for cooking or mixing. Even if you have a small cauldron, don’t use it as a cup! For those that enjoy a pure hands experience on how things where done thousands of years ago, you can make your own tools or you can modify an existing tool to help perform the necessary task needed.

    Tools tend to vary by tradition, for example some traditions will require a broom, or a witches’ stone, while others do not. If you do not have a use for a tool or understand its purpose, then it would be wise not to use it.

    Remember one thing; you do not need all your tools for your workings, use when necessary. If it is doesn’t serve a purpose in the magical working that you are performing, don’t use it.

    Below is a small overview of some of the tools and items that are used:

Alter  ~  Bell  ~  Blade  ~  Chalice
Cauldron  ~  Runes ~ Wand / Staff