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~ What Traditional Witchcraft is NOT ~
Written By: Kytheriea of House Shadow Drake

     It seems that it has become popular to use the term "traditional Witchcraft" by many people who seek to remove themselves from the scope of Wicca. Many such people flock to a term which is definately distinguishable from Wicca, and use the term to define themselves without the understanding to which the term refers. The religion referred to as traditional Witchcraft can easily be defined in the Traditional Witchcraft FAQ. However, although the FAQ discusses what traditional Witchcraft is, it fails to illustrate what traditional Witchcraft is not. For that reason, below you will find a summary of information on some of the thing that traditional Witchcraft is not.

  • Traditional Witchcraft is NOT eclectic.
    Ecelecticism is the antithesis of traditional Witchcraft. Traditionalists adhere to a specific set of beliefs and practices, a way of life, which is defined and set down. There is not mixing of pantheons or other religious systems.
  • Traditional Witchcraft does NOT use Eastern philosophies.
    Ideas and philosophies such as karma and chakras are not found within traditional Witchcraft. These things are a part of various Eastern religions and philosophies.
  • Traditional Witchcraft HAS a code of ethics.
    Contrary to popular belief, traditionalists have a code of ethics. It is simple: Take responsibility for your own actions. This is concept, and not a set of faked old English words.
  • Traditional Witchcraft HAS structure.
    This is not a do-whatever-you-want-to religion. There are set traditions within the religion and structure to that religion.
  • Traditional Witchcraft is NOT learned within a few years.
    Traditional Witchcraft is a religion which encompasses your entire life. It is not something which is learned in a year or two, but a continual process of learning, study, and devotion.
  • Traditional Witchcraft is a religion and NOT the use of magic.
    Magic is a tool and can be used by anyone regardless of their beliefs. Traditional Witchcraft is a religion.
  • Traditional Witchcraft is NOT hereditary.
    Religion is not hereditary. The lineage of a Witch is spiritual, and not passed through the blood. Although, it is a family tradition, some members of the blood family may choose not to follow these beliefs and still others are fostered. It is the lineage itself which is important.
  • A Witch is made and NOT born.
    Traditional Witchcraft is something which is learned. No one is suddenly born following one religion or another. Religion is a conscious choice.