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~ Witchcraft and Magic ~

     Witchcraft and magic are two separate things. Witchcraft is a religion or spiritual tradition, and magic is a tool. Not all Witches use magic. In contemporary society, it is often confusing as many people tend to associated Witchcraft and magic because of cultural stereotypes and poor definitions of the word witchcraft. Even wikipedia has witchcraft listed in the list of what magic may refer to. The term of magic and powers is misunderstood and is thought of as that which you see on TV.

     Witchcraft is a part of a belief system (religion or spiritual tradition) that is more of a way of life then constantly being in fear of some higher or greater force that will crush you if you step out of line. It’s a connection to the world that you see around you and a world that is hiding within the present world (physical world). This hidden world contains the energies that help shape the physical world and what occurs. Naturally with other belief systems, witchcraft has greater beings such as Gods and Goddess that have done something great, something so memorable that made them a god or goddess. In traditional witchcraft, we do acknowledge that they are great and powerful, however we also know there is nothing stopping us from being as great as them. After all they are humanistic in nature, meaning that there are times were they can be really nice or very hateful. They contain both positive and negative energies, as do we, which helped them become who they are since they know themselves through and through and how they handled certain situations. When you know and accept yourself, both positive and negative, then things/tasks ahead will are easier and you can see other sides to a situation that you did not know existed.

     Our power comes from nature, which is mostly using the laws of nature to bring into our lives what we mostly need and desire. Witches in need some how have their needs met by using the laws of nature working when we need then to. That is pretty much what we consider magic, it's not like the TV shows and moves that you see where you start out on the path and you are given powers. Can’t move a car with your mind, or zip your physical body from one place to another. Some may call it "wishful thinking" or a "miracle", but it is more how we willed it to be.

     What about physic abilities? Everyone is born with physic abilities, but through the years and being told such things do not exist or believing such things is bad or evil, has limited the ability use that connection. It is an ability that we are always able to tap right back into it with a little or a lot of work. It's more just re programming your brain and getting rid of all the previous programming that stated you couldn't, you can't and it's evil. Once that kind of thinking is out of the way, things will start to open up for you. Besides all the reprogramming that you have to do, there is also the work of training your mind to work on another level to help drown out the normal chatter that your brain goes through while you are awake. Through the art of meditation, you are able to exercise your mind in this manor to bring it to another level on consciousness.
     All of this takes a lot of work and discipline to do, but it is possible you just have to be willing to do the work. If you are one that wants have all the perks without all the hard work, then this is probably not your path.