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The MW definition of "Christian"
  Christian n [L Christianus, adj. & n., fr. Gk christianos, fr. Christos] (1526) 1 a: one who professes belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ b (1): DISCIPLE 2 (2) : A member of one of the Churches of Christ separating from the Disciples of Christ in 1906 (3): a member of the Christian denomination having part in the union of the United Church of Christ concluded in 1961 2: the hero in Bunyan's ilgrim's Progress **1**

The MW definition of "Atheist" athe*ist: \ n (1571) : one who denies the existence of God**1**

The MW definition of "Heathen"  Please note that Pagans are defined as being heathen per the definition below heathen: n, pl heathens or heathen (bef. 12c) 1: an unconverted member of a people or nation that does not acknowledge the God of the Bible 2: an uncivilized or irreligious person - heathendom n - heathenism n - heathenize - vt. **1**

The MW definition of "Pagan" pa*gan n [ME, fr. LL paganus, fr. L, country dweller, fr. pagus country district; akin to l pangere to fix - more at PACT] (14c) 1: HEATHEN 1; esp : a follower of a polythesiastic relitiong (as in ancient Rome) 2: one who has little or no religion and who delights in sensual pleasures and material goods: an irreligious or hedonistic person - pagan adj. - paganish adj **1**

  The MW definition of "Witch" witch n [ME wicche, fr. OE wicca, masc., wizard & wicce, fem, witch; akin to MHG wicken to bewitch, OE wigle divination, and perh. to OHG wih holy - more at VICTIM] (bef. 12c) 1: one that is credited with usu. malignant supernatural powers; esp : a woman practicing usu. black witchcraft often with the aid of a devil or familiar : SORCERESS - compare WARLOCK 2: an ugly old woman : HAG 3: a charming or alluring girl or woman - wicht-like adj wichy - adj. **1**

Webster Definition for "witchcraft" witch-craft n. 1. Black magic; sorcery. 2. A magical or irresistible influence, attraction, or charm **2**