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~ Centering At Will ~

Pagans often use the term "centering" to describe a deliberately induced altered state designed to bring them into themselves and shut out the outside world.   This is usually done just prior to performing any ritual or Magic. work.   With practice you will find you can do this at will.  The very act of preparing yourself for ritual in this way will have you halfway to your goal.

Every Pagan has his or her own method of centering, the most common being to take a deep breath, hold it, and release it while feeling yourself become the channel for a universal (divine?) life energy.  Others mentally circulate a vibrant light energy through or around themselves, and still others picture themselves as the trunk of a great tree with their feet being the roots which reach down to infinity, and their head and arms the branches which do the same thing.

    When you are ready you will choose a method for yourself.   Chances are the choice will be practically an unconscious one, for it will be natural outgrowth of practice and knowledge.


Excerpt From Edain McCoy's Celtic Myth and Magick, We really recommend you check out Edain McCoys Book for more information and as well as some of her other works.