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~ Learning to Feel the Power Within ~

Before we can begin to harness the powers of the individual archetypes which make up the totality of the divine worlds, we must first learn to feel that power within ourselves.   We must learn to recognize the essence of our shared life force, and learn to connect it with out own sense of being.  This is done easily  through basic meditation or altered state of consciousness.

In many ancient cultures it was prerequisite to prepare for rituals involving the divine with purification baths and/or pre-ritual fasts.  While we have no hard evidence that the Celts regularly practiced either, we do have several references from faery tales and nursery rhymes about purification baths being taken on the Sabbats (the solar festivals) or the Esbats (full Moons).  Hunger strikes, as a means for achieving social justice, are recorded in the monastic writings of the Celtic people, though there is no mention of them being used as a part of a ritual preparation as was done with great efficacy in Native American cultures.  If you enjoy these preparatory rites and feel they enhance you efforts, the use them anyway.  Certainly they have a long history of Pagan use in other cultures, and can help put you in a receptive frame of mind.


Excerpt From Edain McCoy's Celtic Myth and Magick, We really recommend you check out Edain McCoys Book for more information and as well as some of her other works.