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~ Learning to Feel the Power Without ~

By using the power we have within, and combining that with a catalyst such as words, sounds, or colors, we can being to get a feel for the subtle divine energies of the universe around us.  After all, these things contain an energy and a "life", one that, as Pagans, we believe came from the deities.

    What good, you might ask, is there in discovering the power in objects outside yourself when your goal is presumably to fee deity within?  The Celts believed that there was tremendous power in the name of a person or thing, that the vibration of something;s name not only connected you with it, but also gave you a measure of power over it.  There is a great similarity in the works for soul, breath, and name in both the Irish and Welsh languages, showing a decided link of these functions in the popular mind.

    Being these meditative exercises by selecting an inanimate object and holding it in your receptive hand (the one that you do not write with, or your left if you are ambidextrous).  First study it with your eyes open.  Turn it over and examine it.  Say its name over and over (preferably in multiplies of three) trying to feel the connection between the name of the object and the energy you feel coming from it.   Next do this with your eyes closed.

    Practice this three times with each object until you are familiar with the energies it emanates.

    Nest you should practice this with colored objects.  These too emit a specific energy separate from whatever object they tint.  The names of colors also relate to the energy they emit.  For example, think of the work "blue." Let the sound roof off your tongue.  You'll probably find that it is lazy sounding word, slow, languid and not overly energetic.  Pagan, occult, and New Age people all associate blue with peace, tranquility, sleep and passiveness.

    Practice this through the entire color spectrum, three times with each color, until you obtain a sense of the subtle energy f each.  You can test your progress by holding pieces of colored cloth sight unseen and seeing if you can guess the color by the energy you sense.


Excerpt From Edain McCoy's Celtic Myth and Magick, We really recommend you check out Edain McCoys Book for more information and as well as some of her other works.