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~ How Do I Find a Teacher? ~

"The teacher will find the student when both are ready." Kind of a foggy concept, but it is a very true one. What have you done to prepare yourself? Are you reading books? Do you have questions about the books or are you simply reading and believing them? No good teacher will encourage you to read and believe. They will encourage you to read and to question. Guidelines for finding teachers are:

  1. Don't look on the Internet except to look for people in your area. Though asking questions is always accepted.
  2. Don't believe someone is a teacher just because they say they are.
  3. Ask about the teacher within the community. Good character references are important, along with questions about whether or not they attend gatherings, festivals, or any community functions. Any knowledge is good knowledge. Do not try to dig into the past of other students. Some do not want to be known. It is all about respect.
  4. You do NOT have to sleep with anyone in order to join a coven or receive magical training.
  5. See #4 and read it over and over again until you know it by rote.
  6. Honor your teacher by respecting what they have to offer you. Courtesy goes a long long way when first approaching someone.
  7. Do not begin unless you are serious. If you do not want to work hard, do not waste a persons time by playing.

There are several places to find people in your area:

And remember that everyone is a teacher just as everyone is a student. We all have something to bring or to take. If it is not a two-way street, then get out the road map and find another street!