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~ Rune Guide ~

Below follow the brief divinatory meanings for the twenty-four runes of the German futhark. Wiccan and other pagan groups sometimes use the 28 or 33 character Anglo-Saxon rune alphabet, called futhorc because of the altered pronunciation of the first six letters.

The primary form of each rune is followed by its secondary forms (if any) its name, the short meaning of the name, and its transliteration. Old English names for the runes are used because they are easier to pronounce and to remember, but it should be borne in mind that the runes are German. When you link there will be a detailed summary, a detailed examination made into the levels of meaning of each rune and possible ways it can be used magically.


   OS (god) ~ a     

   BEORC (birch) ~ b  

  DAEG (day) ~ d  

  EH (horse) ~ e  

  FEOH (cattle) ~ f  

  GYFU (gift) ~ g  

  HAEGL (hail) ~ h  

  IS (ice) ~ i  

  GER (harvest) ~ j  

  KEN (torch) ~ k  

  LAGU (water) ~ l  

  MAN (man) ~ m  

  NYD (need) ~ n  

  ETHEL (homeland) ~ o  

  PEORD (apple) ~ p  

  RAD (riding) ~ r  

  SIGEL (sun) ~ s  

  TYR (tiw) ~ t  

  UR (aurochs) ~ u  

  WYN (glory) ~ w  

  EOLH (defense) ~ z  

  EOH (yew) ~ ei  

  ING (fertility god) ~ ng  

  THORN (devil) ~ th