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(Click on any rune to find its value)

Rune-A This is a very favorable rune. It opens the way for judgment into difficult and confusing situations. It brings calm. It carries Light into darkness. In its secondary meaning it gives knowledge and good speech, and acts as an avenue of divine revelation. The biblical prophets may be said to have prophesied under the influence of this rune.

Rune-B Beorc can be used to heal and comfort in times of hardship. It may be cast as a love charm, or used maliciously to arouse uncontrolled passions. However, it can only be perverted with difficulty since its nature encourages a healthful balance. Esoterically it serves as a doorway to the understanding of the life-giving powers of the earth.

Rune-D The rune can be used to complete anything that is ongoing or unfinished. Used maliciously it encourages completion according to the natural laws of the gods. Can also be used to define limits and set amounts. In its other sense, as the light of Nature, Daeg can be used to banish the oppressing influence of a hostile environment.

Rune-E    This rune can be used as the means to solve a problem. Cast, it can render a person a beast of burden to be used for a given end. It generates the vehicle for accomplishing the will. Mundanely, it provides transportation. Esoterically, it carries the spirit forward over obstacles.

Rune-F Feoh can be used in a good or evil way. If used to signify that someone has power over his environment or that his wealth will increase, it is beneficial. But if applied directly with scornful intent it increased cowardliness and dullness. It can be used to break the spirit of an enemy and render him incapable of effective action. It can create fear and a fawning dependence.

Rune-G A sign of initiation. What must be given up in order to gain wisdom and spiritual power. No advance is possible without pain and loss. The rune can be applied to another person favorably as the bringer of gifts, or unfavorably as the causer of sacrifice.

Rune-H Haegl is a rune that lends itself to evil use. To project its quality on another is to send them suffering and hardship, which may be more precisely defined by the runes that accompany it. This suffering without hope of redemption, remorseless pain and loss of a violent kind.

Rune-I It prevents actions through hidden and subtle means. Can be used to freeze an intention or emotion before it is fully developed. Can also cause sudden and unforeseen catastrophe which the victim cannot perceive developing. But its main used is to forestall events.

Rune-J Ger is used to bring about an inversion of circumstance. It revolves the wheel of fortune and makes the high to be low to be high. It causes events to come full circle. More esoterically, it is used to actualize desire by making inner vision into physical reality. The fruition of designs.

Rune-K The rune can be used in conjunction with its partner Rad to penetrate mysteries. Applied to another directly it dispels ignorance and brings about sudden realizations and insights. Perversely applied it frustrates learning. It represents the highest of the three levels of man.

Rune-L Lagu is a rune of mystery that can be connected with the powers of the moon. Causes dreams and visions. Madness. False pregnancies. Suicides. Irrational and unnatural crimes. It can be used to look into the future but is not to be trusted. Changeable. However, when all dreams and hopes have dried up, a small measure of Lagu can be an initiator of change and growth. The symbol of the Cup as it is understood in modern magic represents the more whole- some qualities of Lagu.

Rune-M Man is used to evoke the powers of intellect. Ulysses escaping the Cyclops radiated Man. It calls forth the cunning and daring of the Trickster. This rune is the sign of the cunning man and the wise woman. It provides the method to an end.

Rune-N The rune carries fortitude and defiance when all hope has been lost. It gives fearlessness in the face of certain death. Cast on another it can provide the inner strength to allow them to survive extreme sufferings of a physical or psychological kind. But cast indirectly with negative intent, it carries hardship.

Rune-O Ethel can be made to embody property or possessions. Cast with favor it brings increase; cast with malice it carries loss. Care must be taken in sending it so that the inheritance, whatever type it is, does not come as the result of the death of a loved one. The runes are pitiless and interpret instructions literally.

Rune-P The rune serves to bring abundance and pleasure even to the point of excess, and is not to be overused. The gayest and brightest of the runes. Cast with evil intent it can seduce others to excesses in gluttony, lust and drunkenness. It can make them spendthrift. Line wine it is delightful in moderation, but deadly in excess.

Rune-R It can be used to seek into the unknown. Applied to another person, it arouses restlessness and dissatisfaction, and causes changes in life that may be good or bad depending on which runes accompany it.

Rune-S Sigel is a sword of justice, the retribution of the gods. It is used to destroy enemies and to strike through confusion to the heart of problems. Sigel is an offensive weapon just as Eolh is a defensive weapon. It is used to punish; its effects are similar to the sword of ritual magic. Since it is an instrument of Light, it cannot be used to commit evil with impunity. Attempts to pervert it to the uses of darkness end tragically.

Rune-T Tyr is similar to Sigel in that both are offensive weapons, but Tyr refers more to specifically to human qualities of courage and determination. It lends its strength in battles of all kinds, supports failing limbs and guides weapons to their mark. When carved on a weapon, it helps it to strike true and keeps it from shattering. Cast on another person with evil intent, it carries strife on all levels. Can cause fist fights or wrestlings with conscience depending on how it is modified by circumstance and the runes that accompany it.

Rune-U The Ur rune can be used to send resolve and courage, to restore hope, to galvanize into action. Also to increase sexual potency in men. When applied indirectly it can be used as a threat and a medium of destructive force.

Rune-W Wyn is a reward for spiritual sacrifice; the force flickering in the name given to the neophyte when he takes on his magical identity and is exalted above the common man. The rune can be used as a vessel of energy in the same way Odin used it, to project authority. Glory in the eyes of the gods translates as strength in dealings with men.

Rune-Z Eolh is used for defense on all levels: physical, emotional and intellectual. It protects against the attacks of men, beasts or spirits. It can be sent to another to keep him safe from harm. Eolh figures prominently in the protective charm worn during dangerous rune rituals.

Rune-EI This rune is used to lend strength and provide a firm foundation. It is to be relied on in time of need. It can protect a person from himself by rendering him sensible and thoughtful. It guards against self-destructive behavior. More mystically it provides a staff of comfort and help in the darkness of the soul.

Rune-NG The Ing rune can be used to overcome illusions and mental illness. It serves as a help in practical day-to-day problems but should not be underrated on that account. Ing is a powerful force for good. It protects the home and those within it. Calms domestic strife. Unites families with bonds of affection. A down-to-earth deity embodying the simple but precious human virtues that lie close to the land.

Rune-TH This rune is evil when applied directly to another person. It can be sued to call upon them confusion and destruction, to literally visit them with the demon. Used simply to embody evil, it can be fenced around by other protective runes and can play a part in removing evil from and individual or a place afflicted.

Thanks so much to the enlightened words of Donald Tyson. Reprinted partially or entirely from Rune Magic. Magic.