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~ Tools of The Craft ~

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The use of tools in ritual and magic has been documented since the ice age. Neopagans, ceremonial magicians, and even Christians still use various tools in ritual today. In these pages, we will discuss commonly used tools in Wicca and what they symbolize.

Tools are an important part of any religion or magical practice. It is often thought that religion inspires art, and tools are an art form in their own right. The tools of religion inspire us and help us channel the energies raised in ritual.

First, I want to mention a few things. Tools are nice to have, however, don't run out and buy a cauldron because you need one to work magic or use in ritual. If you don't want to work with a tool, or can't find/afford/make it, don't worry. The power is inside you. Tools just help to focus and store energy. Also, feel free to add or create tools that work for you if the traditional set leave a gap.

When collecting tools, consider a few things. It is always best to try to make or customize a purchased tool yourself. No one expects you to forge a knife blade, but why not inscribe in the blade with an engraver or acid? Tools that are handmade or customized have part of your energy stored in them from the creation process, and make them "in tune" to you. Most Wiccans prefer natural materials like clay and wood and natural cloths.

You can buy tools from mail order, thrift shops, and anyplace else you can think of. When buying a tool, please wait until you feel you have found "the one"; just don't grab the first thing you see because you "need it". Look around your house! A cooking pot is a great cauldron; if you notice most of the tools are household objects, helpful when trying to hide them during the burning times! One more point, just because some of the below descriptions state certain specifications doesn't mean your tool can't be different.

A magical or ritual tool is any item that has been cleansed, consecrated and empowered for ritual purposes. At first, tools were simple, natural items that were used by primitive wo/man to provide a sense of identity and connection with unseen spirits. Often, these objects were small fetishes or totems, and were usually made of materials associated with the spirit(s) with which they wished to commune. As the concept of priesthood solidified, tools became highly specialized. These tools were elaborate works of beauty and power which were often passed down through the ages. Ritual tools are found in almost all religions and magical practices. They range in size from small hand held items and pieces of jewelry, to immovable objects such as idols and stone megaliths. Although the appearances of tools may differ culturally, their functions are basically the same. As the student examines the tools of several different cultures, they will notice that these ritual items are each associated with the different elements.

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