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~ Using Meditation for Occult Practices ~

Occult medititation si defined not onle as "focused thought," but also the "absence of thought."  It is a practice in which you attempt to empty your mind of all thought - a very difficult propostition for an organ whish is active twenty-fout hours a day all the days of your life.  Either way, you are attempting to control your brain patterns so that you connect with a deeper spritiual place within yourself, one which can connect you with other, even outside,  forces.

    Begin as you did with the Altered States of Consciousness exercise.   Only this time choose a symbol of relevance to Deltic Paganism, or a symbol associated with deity, and focus on that.  Suggestion for symbols are the pentagram, the triskele, Arianrhod's wheel, Badb's hooded crow, or Dagda's harp.

    When you can sustain the image for five to ten minutes without your consciouness wavering, begin to allow your inner-self to feel a kinship to the symbol.   Allow yourself to feel "pulled" toward it.  Mentally feel and see every inch of its surface.  You can even project your own image into the scense of its subtle energies, and try to imagine the essence of the deity for which it stands.   Feel his or her power under your hands, feel it crackle with the divine energy.

    Next, step back from the object and view it from a distance.   Try to get a sense for the energy it possesses without touching it.  Now turn your thoughts deeply inward and try to find out that part of yourself which crackles with the fame energy as you just felt in the object.  When you find it you will know that you have discovered the spark of divinity within yourself.

    In keeping with Celtic practice, allow yourself to experience this energy association three separate times before moving on to another symbol.


Excerpt From Edain McCoy's Celtic Myth and Magick, We really recommend you check out Edain McCoys Book for more information and as well as some of her other works.